About Hai Phong


Hai Phong is located on the northern arm of the Red River Delta, a vast dumping ground for the rich silt picked up during the Red River’s long 750 mile journey (1,200 km) through southwestern China and out into the Gulf of Tonkin. Hai Phong is also located near huge coal deposits, which helped turn the city into a center for industry.

Although it has a strong commercial and industrial base, the city itself is delightfully colonial mixed with modern construction. Cultural attractions abound, including temples, shrines, pagodas, mausoleums, museums, art, architecture, and restaurants that serve up delicious local fare. You’ll also find beautiful beaches, lots of shopping, and an exuberant nightlife scene.

One of Hai Phong’s most iconic sights is streets lined with Flame of the Forest trees, which delight the eyes with their bright red blooms during the summer months. The annual Red Flamboyant Festival in May brings art troupes from all over Asia as well as other performances and exhibits to celebrate the vivid flowering of the trees.